Jowe Foam Roller - Green

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The Jowe foam roller provides a deep massage due to its unique design of foam wrapped around a plastic core with protruded surface. You can now enjoy massage therapy at home at your own convenient time.

Unlike other foam rollers which will bend or break down easily after repeated use, the Jowe foam roller is constructed with a superior quality material which ensures longer life, even after heavy, constant use. It won’t lose its shape and will function as intended. This great, sturdy, long-lasting, firm roller will definitely make a permanent place in your daily exercise regime.

The Jowe foam roller is lightweight and portable which makes it perfect to carry around while travelling. The portable design of foam roller along with its sturdy construction makes it a perfect exercising equipment.

It can be used for a number of functions like deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, stretching, and even vertebral mobilization. The massage roller is great for injury prevention and helping improve flexibility.

The foam roller is very easy to clean - just wipe down with a clean rag with disinfectant.

33 x 14cm